Monday, 23 March 2015


Who still do blogging nowadays, right?

Oh well, maybe I'm just too depressed and need a way out to express my feeling. It has been a very distracting 2014 for me, but hey, it's over! But then, the remnants of my past kinda drifting into 2015 with me.

I'm trying my best to dust it off, like literally. To be frank, never in my life, I could actually thought of giving up everything that I've achieved in India and just leave for good. I know, I've came too far, way too far to give up who am I. So, I'm just dragging myself to repeat the same daily *deadly* routine day by day.

I'm afraid, too afraid of what's going to happen soon. I just want to pass, but first, I must defeat the demon in me, to give myself a reason to work harder and finish all these quotas.

God, please guide me. Please don't leave me hanging like this.

I've lost count on the tears I sheared. I trust people, too easily. Hence, I kept falling into the same trap by different people over and over again. Who knows love actually can be so fragile?

I swear it did drive me insane, I would actually plot a murder, and of course it doesn't happen because it's illegal. Oh well, maybe all I need is to settle my final year and I will be able to breathe like a normal human again.


Everything that I miss.